Rent a castle in France for your wedding !

Want to have a royal wedding in a real castle? Stop dreaming, it is now possible to achieve your dream of Cinderella and you get married in a castle in France. You have several options hire romantic castles in all regions. These wonders are the key that will make your ceremony a perfect wedding.

Rent a castle

The castle rental like any function room rental. However, you should consult with event organizers to take care of booking. You need to put early because the trend has already spread that we should not hesitate to book months in advance to perfect the organization. These mansions are prestigious because of the story they tell. And why not live like kings and queens for your wedding? In addition you have the opportunity to continue your wedding night at the same place, which promises a perfect romance. The advantage is first to make your unique ceremony and class and delight your eyes with an unusual environment, old and royal. rustic places, on a mountain or in the middle of a beautiful garden, you can be sure to spend historical moments.

The castles available

If you are in Ile de France, you can book in Val-d'Oise in the castle of Gadancourt minutes from the capital. The castle is very large and can accommodate all your guests in both pavilions. Otherwise, in the regions, you can enjoy the castle Bognac in the Midi-Pyrenees or the Pont Royal castle in Provence can accommodate nearly 400 guests. Otherwise, rent castle bourgogne and celebrate your union in the Castle of Chasselas, a beautiful home that offers a perfect setting for a wedding. But, you also have the majestic castle of Chassagne-Montrachet who by his magic turn your wildest dreams into a reality in the middle of the Burgundian vineyards. Finally, if you are for the elegance of the Renaissance, opt for Castle Séréville. In all cases, you will not be disappointed by the palace because they are just perfect. Book fast and good marriage!

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