Expedition in France

France is known for the excellent quality of its products, combining very attractive activities in discovering the pleasure and for the taste of its varied recipes.

Experience a new flavor

The wine is characteristic of France in particular because of its beautiful areas that are favorable to the production of grapes that give a variety of colors with a fine and diverse assemblage of sensation while providing therapeutic. Their aroma is sometimes mixed with its varied plant tastes from Bordeaux. Making bordeaux tourism allow wine lovers as well as familiar to a tasting with some finesse, lots of freshness and a fruity taste completely. The consumption of wine is easy to drink.

Tourism concept does not always mean to walk, just look left and right. Rather, it is a new attraction for play every sense of the body more than physical activity. Knowing that Bordeaux is the largest department, providing crucial agglomeration of this wealth. Their mild climate provided by the essence of their story. It is then a mixture of luxury enjoyed in the passion for keeping history in a fine cut.

Other facets to escape

The holiday period always mean escape. If during this period you do not know what to do or where to go, nothing easier. Traveling does not always mean going away to relax. Now it's quoting from home as it happens and especially in Lyon. Often cited as the birthplace of gastronomy and French culture. Prepare your taste buds because the food is honored in a historical context and architectural monuments, with various trendy neighborhoods on
colors assembly accompanied by unique contemporary art. No doubt this trip gives new meaning to tourism. This enthusiasm reflects the various remarkable monuments giving a wonderful and unforgettable views if you'll go to cap Ferret for example offer you a panoramic views in mind. While the ears to drown the sound of waves, the eyes will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the sites classified historic monument by UNESCO.

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