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Sailing around the islands of Ibiza

You can set sail with your boat rental from Cala Bassa and Calas del Compte, the most attractive beaches to the west of the island. A short distance from the starting point in San Antonio.

The first one to visit is Cala Bassa, with its mythical and elegant beach with amusing bars located in front of the sea. Here you can anchor and enjoy a great swim in its crystal clear waters, and we can swim a short distance to the small caves that are on the coast to enjoy some snorkeling.

The second in proximity are the Calas del Compte / Cala Conta, one of the nicest beaches in Ibiza, Composed of three small and beautiful coves of crystal blue water, with gold sand to enjoy another swim and snorkeling that is fantastic in these waters.

From Cala Conta you can see two small islands, Conejera and Dragonera. On this beach we find bars and restaurants to choose from whether you want a mojito, or just a simple refreshment.

You can then set sail again, this time north towards Cala Graciò, a cove with fine golden sand and crystal clear turquoise waters that make this beach one of the most attractive on the west side of Ibiza. With a beautiful natural environment and also has all the necessary amenities.

Next to it, we will find Cala Gracioneta, very small and surrounded by green pines and with impressive turquoise waters that make this small cove of Ibiza a magical place to spend a fantastic moment with friends or family. In this small cove you can find the pleasant restaurant “El Chiringuito”, where you can eat, have a coffee or an ice cream.

We will continue our sailing cruise towards Punta Galera. A wonderful place that is worth visiting and will impress you, since it is one of the most peculiar landscapes of Ibiza. Punta Galera, is an area of ​​cliffs, do not expect sand for sunbathing, it is more an intimate area of ​​Ibiza.

It is a stretch of smooth, flat rocks that form different levels, where people go to sunbathe. It is a natural place, without chiringuitos and without agglomerations, where nudism is popular. There you can enjoy swimming, and snorkel.

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