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France regions are so different from each other !

France has recently simplified its map regions. There are now 13 regions in mainland France and 5 overseas regions, which are located thousands of kilometers from the metropolis. Thanks to them, France is present on every continent and in every ocean.
These 18 regions scattered across the globe offer France a kaleidoscope of landscapes and cultures, very different from each other. The highest peak in Europe in the French Alps to the turquoise lagoons of New Caledonia or Bora Bora through lush peaks of the island of Reunion, the French regions have much to offer : they have in all latitudes, modern infrastructures, developed territorial adjustments and a higher standard of living.

Natural diversity and cultural wealth

France is rich and diverse, and it is in every bend of a path, in every bend of a road that you can expect to be amazed. Nature lovers, lovers of thrills, photographers, you can travel in France in unsuspected places. Each region offers natural treasures such as waterfalls, snow-capped peaks, but also canyons, lakes, caves, vagaries of nature ... The architectural gems and cultural heritage often classified and protected national sites or sites worldwide by Unesco : castles, beautiful villages of France, vineyards, cathedrals, etc. Finally, France has 51 natural parks and tourist sites within each department (Zoos, Caves, Castles, Aquariums, Amusement Parks, Zoos, Museums,...).

You will need certainly the time of a life to discover all the architectural and natural treasures that make up this beautiful country. Some of the best French : the stunning white chalk cliffs of Etretat, the impressive medieval city of Carcassonne, the volcanoes of Auvergne, the abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel, the castles of the Loire Castle Versailles and its gardens, the Amazon French Guyana, the Gulf of Porto in Corsica, the gorges du Verdon in Provence and bine sure paris and monuments, the Basque country...

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