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Do like the Kardashians, celebrate your wedding in France !

If you want to live an unforgettable day at your wedding in another country than your own, why not choose France? The latter is the preferred destination of the majority of US citizens wishing to combine happiness and well being to the discovery. In France, you have the ability to get married like a princess. Indeed, you have the choice of a wedding in the course of a castle or even inside if you feel like it. The country has thousands of palaces just waiting for you to help you achieve your greatest dream.

Castle Bouffémont

One of the most enchanting places of Ile-de-France is the castle of Bouffémont. This will allow you to live a great adventure in its garden and its large prestigious rooms and suites. Combining both the luxury and elegance, Castle Bouffémont offer you the opportunity to experience a wonderful day in an exceptional compound of an authentic panorama.

Castle Breteuil

If the first castle did not convince you, you also have the option of Castle Breteuil that takes you completely far from reality. Its French gardens are part of its assets with incredible orangery and several lounges help you relax completely at your best. also enhanced by a decoration of the eighteenth century, this castle you can relive the days of the kings in all its splendor.

Castle Neuville

For a wonderful wedding castle in france, know that the doors of the castle of Neuville are also always open. This place is historical monument for years now. Inside, you'll find a unique setting that is both classic and old that you will revive you. You have the opportunity to rest among his five lounges where you have the opportunity to organize your wine reception. Remember that the castle also has a large park to relax. So why not do as the Kardashian marry in a castle to live your childhood dream?

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