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Discovering Lyon's sausages

France is a popular destination for travels of all kinds. Whatever the purpose sought when you go to France, you will easily find satisfaction. So whether for fashion, for fun, to cultivate the history of France or one of its specific regions or to take advantage of specific features of its cuisine, France is the right destination. That's a good culinary tourism that we will go on Lyon for example through its sausages which give a unique taste on the trip.

Lyon: an exception destination

When we talk about Lyon, we think necessarily about sites that make the unusual journey. We speak both of culture and history through the many monuments that the city offers. We will speak about the best sights to see during a trip to Lyon. Of course, these sites have some unusual stories. Of course, Lyon is also a religious heritage that has survived the centuries to tell us through the structures of past history. History will also remember the memory of places that testify to every human action that marked the time that occurred in Lyon. Military monuments are also part of the unavoidable when talking about the city of Lyon. So you can visit the perfectly for a good dose of culture.

Lyon is also sausages

Lyon is also known for their sausages. Devotees know perfectly well, the Lyon sausage relates to both the history of taste, but is also a food exquisite. What really specifies sausages in the town is it's recipe. Indeed, this recipe dates back to 1830. Of course, some adjustments were made since these years, but the original recipe is the best. So it was in 1839 that we find a recipe where the sausages will recognize through their dark red flesh while being fine with from fat back fat. At originie, these were based saucesses donkey meat and pork. Only with time, the donkey meat was replaced with horsemeat with its taste that approximates the taste of donkey meat.

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